Hey, Murtaugh!

Yes... he almost fooled me. For a second I really thought I was talking to Danny Glover, disguised, shooting "Lethal Weapon 8" in Palm Springs.

Guys, meet Andrew. I met him while doing an assignment at the Art and the Heart workshop. Basically we had one hour to choose a theme (mine was "Living in the desert") and shoot 26 images (in a row, without deleting a single file) representing that theme. Oh, did I mention that Samm taped our LCD screens with gaff tape so we couldn't see what we were shooting and had to rely on our technical knowledge to get things done? Yup... 1 hour, 26 shots, no deleting, no checking the LCD. :-/

After walking around the neighbourhood for 20 minutes I met Andrew. "Hey, what's up?". A few more minutes later and he decided to share a secret with me... he pulled some papers from his bag and, as he was showing me some words/numbers, started to explain that he just found out about a big conspiracy from the US government (sorry for not being so accurate here... I was having a hard time to understand his theory) where some words that we use on a daily basis were somehow related to numbers... and these numbers were actually codes for, of course, secret messages. Then he told me that within a few days he'd hire a lawyer, sue the government and get 10 million dollars. BAM!

As he was going on with his (long) explanation, I was trying to concentrate not only on my assignment but also in how much time I had left to shoot and come back to the workshop. with something decent to present to my colleagues (20 extremely talented photographers) + Samm Blake and Dan o'Day. No pressure.

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