The sneaky one

My dogs are a HUGE part of my life. Being around them is really fun but it can get really distracting and this is why I make sure that they only have access to part of the house. It's not about worrying if they're going to make a mess, chew on something they're not suppose to or "this is not a place for a dog to be"... it's all about be having some quiet time to focus on whatever I need to do. So yeah, they are not allowed in the studio when I'm working.

Apparently Highlander disagree with this rule of mine. I took a break and hit the bathroom... came back to get some more work done and yeah, there he was... in the studio. A few days ago he actually learned that he can jump over the dogs gate downstairs and now he thinks he's "too cool" to stay "with the others" downstairs and comes hang with me in the studio.

The funny part is that he KNOWS that he's not suppose to be doing that so he sneaks in with a "I feel so bad that I did this" face and try to stay as low profile as possible. I think he has to learn that it will be impossible to stay low profile while sitting on my chair. :-)  

"Highlander... what the hell are you doing here?"  (first photo). "Highlander... you're not supposed to be here... let's go back downstairs..." (second photo)... then he looks away, pretending to be deaf, not responsive at all to whatever I say. "Highlander... seriously buddy... let's go downstairs!" (photo 3)... still looking away... still pretending I'm not there talking to him.

Love my dogs.